Don't let own heart too tired!

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People who worry, Replica Ray Ban sunglasses is memory is too good. This remember, shouldn't remember will stay in memory. And we also often remember should forget things, and forget the things we should remember. Why people say that fool lovely and funny, because he forgot to his laugh at people with indifference, forget the world EnEnYuanYuan, forget the secular high official positions and riches, forget the world everything, so he live in their own world happy follow one's inclinationsly, silly smile. So people would rather let oneself not happy, also don't want to be a fool. If you can remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Or forget the past, put every day as a new beginning that should have much good. But, it's easy to say, it is so difficult.

People are pain, Ray Ban sunglasses sale is the pursuit of too much. The life is alive, the things won't always go your way, don't often feel unfortunately, in fact the world than we pain more than people. Know some ideal never realized, some questions never answers, some stories never ending, some people forever just familiar stranger, but will still be at hard pursuit, waiting, a fantasy. In fact the pain and not someone to bring your and your own cultivation is not enough, not a certain capacity. You made the simple things seriously, the simple things want is too complex, that way you can be a pain. Learn to put your head down, put down some of the so-called ideological baggage, open to all, let all letting nature take its course, so that you will let yourself at ease.

People are not happy, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 is too much care. Not that we have too little, but we care too much. Don't see other people to be happy, so have a lost and depressive feeling. In fact, you only see others' surface phenomenon maybe he is happy as you. People's desire is endless, everyone in the pursuit of high quality of life, everyone want to get what you want, everyone to his own goal, the busy all day, struggle, got, happy time, not, short pleasure, long lament. The world there is no perfect thing, not perfect in fact is a kind of beauty, only in the unceasing strive for, and constantly bear failure and setbacks, to find happiness.
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