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Whether used to prevent bask in ascension or pull breeze temperament, Replica Ray Ban sunglasses have been is not two candidates. Whether to go shopping or go to the beach, a pair of dark glasses makes ordinary people become the moisture dye-in-the-wood. But for sunglasses sampling inspection results had to let a person get a shock, big-name montblanc sunglasses unexpectedly light transmittance τ V unqualified. You can never look down upon the light transmission ratio, and it is through the lens of the flux and incident luminous flux ratio, but sunglasses compulsory standards of one of the important performance index. Big brands are not credible, let's self-reliance, learn to identify sunglasses way! Will someone doubt, to how to identify quality sunglasses, the author only from the aspects of simple explain.

First see appearance. When buying Ray Ban sunglasses sale the first to do is, picked up the glasses watch carefully lens if there is a scratch, impurity, bubble and stripe. If all have no, look at the outer packing have a commodity, color, diameter, quality level, production factory name and trademark. Take try. If the eyes of sunglasses appearance still calculate pass, the next step is to wear the try have dizziness, headache feeling. Look up at the fluorescent lamp, see with dark glasses see fluorescent lamp have the feeling of dazzling.

Second, check the lens flat. Check the lens whether level off has a very simple solution: Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 two Angle on the fluorescent lamp, let the surface of the mirror article glances gently rolling, if found mirror reflection of the sun appeared wavy, distorted shape, prove lens not level off, this mirror will damage eyesight.

Then, look at what material is. In general on the market to buy the sun glasses have glass and resin two kind of material, and, of course, the better crystal lens, but the price does not poor. And the best of the sun glasses should be using polarizing lens, polarization lens can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful ultraviolet ray, prevent and has broken, wear functions.

The last is the choice of the color of a. Dark glasses are no longer only black a choice, we except according to their color, face, dress to match outside, still should be based on purpose to choose color. Generally speaking, black, dark brown, grey filter effect is good. Grey lens for any chromatography can balanced absorption, a mirror to see after the scene will only become dark and won't have clear off color. Dark brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, can improve visual contrast and resolution, in air pollution serious or foggy cases wearing effect is better.
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