Lost myself?

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Lost in the movie, I believe that many students are seen, Replica Ray Ban sunglasses but today we are going to speak you lose yourself. I do personnel and administrative work, the whole office in addition to me a boy and outside director is girl, the girl will prattle, today their topic is "what works best?" In addition to civil servants and teachers, today they mentioned is the largest hospital workers, in addition to the doctors and nurses, they mention most is a registered member of the registered member is one of the girls boyfriend's cousin, this year 32, bachelor degree, the person grow very Peugeot, when the N years of registered member...

In our or college student, we are all have a dream, Ray Ban sunglasses sale why now called "dream", it is because at that time we don't know the society's "qualitative and marginal", can only be called dream. When we walk into society, the frustration and suffering, grew up and master the social law, at this time, the original dream may call it ideal, because we have more into the step. Finally, in we constantly struggle and baptism, growing and climbing, the university dream gradually become targets. See, touch it.

However, unfortunately, in after graduation from the university that several years, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 how many people give up, back, and selected a life of ease. People around me, there are 32 still when registered member; Nearly 30 the doing administrative work, a month with a about 2000 salary self-gratification, open parents buy car narcissism; Some are eager to marry themselves the no longer work, gradually away from the society of...

In these people's eyes, the work is good and bad standard only two words -- "comfortable". Graduation just work that two years, I have self-gratification, self paralysis, work at daytime, evening the Internet, along with university life. Thanks to director of the spur and remind, until his disillusionment.
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About salary and position, Replica Ray Ban sunglasses this is such a sensitive thing. Swept one eye online posts, found that the true and false blending half, the students see the dazed. Don't see well, more looks is more confusion. Treatment this topic is really great. First of all, should see a company, treatment 369 points; Secondly, see positions, salary structure and hierarchy also points the 369; Then, look at the city, different city salary must be different; Then, you should see salary increase, this is the key; The last thing you want to see the price, straightforward point, is hourly wages, work 4 hours a day, give you 4000 yuan a month, feeling miserable, buckle the five risk after a gold haven't qualification when taxpayer; Work fourteen hours a day, give you 8000 yuan a month, immediately feel a little white-collar feeling, go to the hospital is what all the white-collar.

If only say these, of course will be scold. So, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 will say next is dry. In 2010-2012 nearly 3 years of fresh master's degree in real estate, it with vanke longhu wanda gold base led, basically company will pay for you the price of more than 200000. If the company performance is good enough words, bonus and welfare of it is difficult to measure the. Of course I can't tell you vanke will send 20 months award this kind of thing, also won't let you in China resources will organization dubai swim this kind of thing.

In the large real estate company, Ray Ban sunglasses sale double salary three years is a very common thing. Of course, the prerequisite is that you are advancing. Although can't and investment consulting IT priority comparison, but take hundreds of thousands of year real estate people all over the ground, so compared to financial street boy wonder case for, believe that suitable for more students appetite. With my friends, for example: younger sister paper A, undergraduate course graduation 3 years, in A home renmin real estate market planning, the competent rank, at present the annual salary of 250000. Sister paper B, master's degree 3 years, in a pole type private real estate companies do investment operation, the manager rank, at present the annual salary of 380000. A male, master's degree 3 years, in A micro bo control of two real estate company to do business, the manager rank, at present the annual salary of 440000. Man B, master's degree five years, in a TOP10 private real estate company project management, director rank, at present the annual salary of 600000. Above all is not the case, if want to hear a case of words, please make your own baidu. How can I tell you, there are some people in 30 years ago when city on the company's general manager, with millions more salary.
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