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# 11/11/2012 à 12:22 paid364 (site web)
Nunca friends, it's witout a doubt there. Did you ever hear involving Tim Bekker? might this dude, developed such a multi-level. let me clarify a bit: their new network labeled CBleads. utilizando. When you enroll here, you will still promote your normal clickbank products, however, instead of with all the ordinary cb hoplink, you have their own. earn cash Ceremony add order now buttons alone website that an affiliate system around your ebook totally free, which plenty of people could come to promote your electronic product in substitution for a smallish affiliate percentage, that makes it cognizant of also in addition to obtaining the word from your products or services, also the affiliate program, simply because there will be those people who are serious about earning additional money to the promotion to your product, you may set the affiliate marketer percentage rate to something that you need.
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