This year, what kind of popular sunglasses?

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This year popular style Replica Ray Ban sunglasses continuation of last year's overall wind, with light color is given priority to, lens, frames are all the same, light color that is nearly transparent, let others see each of your eyes. Light colorful summer wear sunglasses collocation, it is the most popular this year the street style. Each big brand launch glasses is in color and the paragraph lead this season trend, violet, pink, yellow, sky blue, shallow green etc are in different clothes set off show indispensable colorful, including the contrast gradient lens more young people's favorite.

The design of sunglasses are popular this year two extreme style. Very large and very small sunglasses become the market mainstream, Ray Ban sunglasses sale large lens to even the most fashionable style, like an athlete prevention goggle, full of science fiction effect and dynamic vigor; Small lens is go to extremes, small must leave no room some even just to cover the eyes. Frame aspects both plate rack or metal frame are processing delicate, luster bright, delicate dainty. The whole framework, half framework, frameless all have their own fans; the shape of the lens and varied, among them with the oval, rectangular and hexagonal the most fashionable.

This year's polarizing sunglasses is also very attention, this kind of sunglasses to function more powerful, in addition to resist UV can resist glare, more comprehensive protection eyes. The holy polariscope is outstanding, high market share.

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