To protect our eyes!

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The ultraviolet ray in sunshine makes skin damage, Replica Ray Ban sunglasses loss of water and accelerated aging has become common sense. But if it is not properly protect eyes by ultraviolet harm will be more serious. Strong or long time of sunlight causes corneal, eyeball crystal and retinal damage and increases cataract and other the incidence of vision problems. Therefore, wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes is necessary. Wear sunglasses is sometimes necessary: high quality sunglasses function first is cut off ultraviolet ray, avoid ultraviolet into eyes, followed by shade from the sun.

Ray Ban sunglasses sale sunglasses has become the life of everybody necessities. Sunglasses are not a summer patent: the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is the ever-present, just the summer more strongly it. Whether the skin bask in, or eye protection, should pay attention to at any time.

The influence of ultraviolet radiation on human health is attracting more and more attention Ray Ban sunglasses 3025. Ultraviolet not only damage the skin, and the eye to the person also to have the very big harm. Thus we have the necessary in addition line strong time wearing sun-protective glasses. The human eye uv damage is mainly determined by ultraviolet wavelength, radiation time and intensity of radiation and the strength of the human eye its own defense mechanism, cornea, crystal is the most often by uv damage to the eye tissues, solar sex keratitis and corneal endothelial injury, sun cataract is the most relevant with eye disease. The ultraviolet light to normal conjunctiva, palpebral damage is smaller.

In high latitude area, beach, desert, snow, plateau, berth oil such as the light reflection strong area, ultraviolet changes every moment affects human health, especially the eye health. In order to protect the health of the eye, can wear by filter piece made of sun glasses, as far as possible eliminate ultraviolet enroach.
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