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The setting sun, or don't become prospect, day after day. Replica Ray Ban sunglasses The setting sun ShiXie, half city extensive red dye, controls the ships of the dream, to the other shore. Flower, looking at the sky, the thing and matter appeared deja vu, with and without, emerge just like hemoid cloud in the air! Time blows already dustfall wind memory, raise your right, boys!

The time passed by, my heart still, why they still don't grow up? Love, Ray Ban sunglasses sale the stinging bud, entice us that the lost ignorant heart, is curious, is bad? Love just knows pain, but also attachment that breath. Sadness is always remaining in bottom of the heart? No, we in sorrow had learned to strong... Reincarnation of day and night, time in the fingertips in the outline to slip away, we have not the naive children.

Dream, the heart drives his forward step by step into the flower, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 have already accumulate opened the petals. Once lost, once helpless, and again wandering in the life intersection, I this what course to follow... Night, too the United States, and beauty, beauty sad... In this sad silence, tears quietly fall... Late at night, who is light to sing the bits and pieces of grief go forgotten. Stars are bright but also far away, let us how to try to look back, just spurt sad just. Fallen leaves, leaves and tears, having dropped, why then bent down to pick them up, and its shoulder crying acerbity memory, as to tomorrow, shower rain...
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